Terms and Conditions

  1. RESERVATION PAYMENTS & ADVANCE RENT: A minimum of 25% advance rent payment is required at time of reservation.  Final payment is due in full 30 days prior to arrival and will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.  You may pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover.  You will be charged for the entire length of stay reserved and will not be refunded for checking in late and/or checking out early.
  2. CONFIRMATIONS: You will receive an email confirmation letter after we receive your advance payment. Please verify your arrival and departure dates, reserved accomodations, and rental amout due and sign with the E-Signature link. Please contact us immediately if you find a discrepancy, otherwise it will be assumed correct.
  3. ONLINE RESERVATIONS: All online reservations are are charged 25% advance rent payment unless your arrival is within 30 days in which case your credit card will be charged for the full amount.  A confirmation letter will be emailed to you when your reservation is processed by the office.
  4. CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancelations are subject to a cancellation fee of $100.00. Your advance rent payment less the cancellation fee will be returned if the reservation is cancelled 30 days prior to arrival.  No refunds will be issued for any reservations cancelled within 30 days of arrival.  To prevent loss of rental payments, we strongly recommend purchasing Trip Insurance.  All refunds due to you shall be refunded to the original form of payment.  Hurricane Policy: Should a hurricane threaten our area and a Mandatory Evacuation order is given, refunds will only be given by CSA Travel Protection if you have purchased coverage before the storm was named.  SeaSpray will not issue a refund of any rent payments.
  5. TRIP INSURANCE: You are a valued guest and we want to do everything possible to make your trip enjoyable and worry free. Because the unforeseen and unexpected can occur before you leave or when you’re away from home, SeaSpray Condominiums is proud to offer our guests one of the best vacation rental insurance policies in the industry.  CSA TRAVEL PROTECTION can cover you, your traveling companions, and your vacation investment.  Questions in regard to CSA TRAVEL PROTECTION CAN BE OBTAINED BY CALLING (866) 999-4018 or reviewing the certificat of insurance on their website at csatravelprotection.com.
  6. DAMAGE WAIVER: A non refundable damage waiver of $40.00 is added to each reservation and covers you and your traveling party for any accidental reported damage to the unit or its contents for an amount not to exceed $2500.00. This damage waiver does not cover damages by unauthorized pets or willful or gross negligent behavior that results in damages.  Any damages exceeding $2500.00 will be charged to the credit card on file.  Please report any damage to the front desk as soon as possible.
  7. OCCUPANCY: The total number of persons allowed in the unit at any time is restricted to the stated limit for each unit (exception for infants under age 2).  Eviction without refund is the penalty.  We are very serious about maintaining a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of all our guests.  We will rent to families and responsible adults only.  NO PROPERTIES WILL BE RENTED TO ANYONE UNDER 25 YEARS OF AGE.  No children will be allowed to check-in without their parents.  Reservations made under false pretense will result in eviction, forfeiture of the total amount of the rent, and any extra charges incurred by SeaSpray.  Absolutely no student groups or house parties will be tolerated.
  8. PETS: Our units are NOT pet friendly.  If a pet or evidence of a pet is found, immediate eviction and a forfeiture of the total amount of the rent will occur.  Additions charges may be levied for extra clean up and flea treatment.
  9. SMOKING: SeaSpray is a smoke free property.  If evidence of smoking is found, immedaite eviction and a forfeiture of the total amount of the rent will occur.  Additional charges may be levied for extra cleaning of carpet and furniture.
  10. CHECK-IN PROCEDURES:  Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. unless your rental unit is ready sooner. In the case that it is ready sooner, SeaSpray staff will call to let you know the unit is ready for occupancy.
  11. LATE ARRIVALS: We will be happy to leave an arrival packet containing keys and additionsl information for guests arriving after our office is closed privided they have paid their rental balance in full and have signed this rental agreement.  Please call our office for late arrival instructions.
  12. PARKING: All vehicles, boats, & trailers must be registered at the SeaSpray office and must have a current license plate and a SeaSpray parking permit. Permits are issued at time of check-in and are valid until time of check-out.  Vehicles withour permits will be towed at owners expense.  We cannot guarantee available parking spaces during peak occupancy weekends in summer. There is an overflow parking lot on Riverside for those guests with extra vehicles.  All boats and trailers must be stored in the lot on Riverside.  PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK GARAGE DOORS! No RV’s, boats, trailers or oversized behicles are permitted in the vehicle parking lots.
  13. CHECK-OUT PROCEDURES: Check-out time is 10:00 am on date of departure.  Please return all keys to the SeaSpray office. DO NOT LEAVE KEYS IN THE UNIT.  All guests and belongings must be out of the unit when the keys are returned to the office. If our office is closed when you check-out, simply drop your keys in the key drop box next to our office door.  There will be a $50.00 charge, per key, for any lost key or keys not returned.  To avoid additional cleaning charges, please do the following before departure:  Please leave the unit reasonable clean and in order.  Please leave kitchen items clean and returned to their proper place; dispose of trash in proper outside containers; leave all beds unmade.  Please lock all doors and windows.  Inspection crews will inspect properties for damage. Failure to do so may result in additional cleaning charges.  SeaSpray is not responsible for any property lost or left behind.,
  14. FURNISHINGS & EQUIPEMENT: You are renting a privately owned condo.  It has been decorated and equipped to satisfy the particular tastes and desires of the owner.  Please be considerate of the belongings of the owner and to the people who will be renting the property after you.  Please do not rearrange the furniture, take any iems outside that are part of the interior décor, or move any furnishings or kitchen items to another properoty.  Locked closets are maintained by homeowners for personal use.  Please respect these areas.
  15. REPAIRS AND REFUNDS: Our maintenance and housekeeping staff are here to make sure your vacation condo is in the best posible condition that it can be.  If you should discover otherwise, please report it to us immediately and we will correct it as quickly as possible.  However, no refunds will be given for failure or breakdown of appliances, outage of electricity, water, cable or telephone service, or A/C units.  We will make every effort to have them repaired as soon as possible.  SeaSpray employees and/or authorized repairmen may enter the premises during normal business hours for any purpose pertaining to repair, improvement, care, and management of the premises.  SeaSpray Perdido will make every effort to notify you ahead of time.
  16. SUBSTITUTION: We reserve the right to substitute property in the event your property is unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control such as sale or or maintenance issue.  SeaSpray Perdido will make every effort to notify you ahead of time.
  17. GRILLS: Gas and Charcoal grills are NOT allowed.  An electric grill may be used on the balconies.
  19. MANAGEMENT: All rental properties are privately owned.  We reserve the right to refuse rental, or to discontinue occupancy if, in our judgment, your occupancy is detrimental to the property.  Property may not be used for any unlawful purpose.

The conditions and information contained in this Guest Rental Agreement have been read carefully and accepted by me on behalf of all members of my party.  I agree to abide by such conditions and limitations. I agree that my liability for this reservation is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event that any person, company, or association fails to pay for the full amount of the charges.  This agreement constitutes an agreement between renter and SeaSpray Perdido as agent of said property4